How to Write a Career Essay in Criminalistics

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Week 8: Individual Work 1

Student’s Name:
During Weeks 7 – 12, you will research and write a Career Essay. The essay will be written using a writing process that includes several steps according to the schedule provided in the Week 7 Individual Work instructions.
Week 8 Individual Work 1
To complete the Week 8 portion of the Career Essay, type your name in the space provided above and complete items 1-3 listed below. Type your answers in the spaces provided. Save your document and submit to the Week 8 Individual Work basket in the Drop box.
Type the career field you’ve chosen to write about here: _____Criminalistics_______ __________.

1. Review the five (5) Web sites related to the career you selected in Week 7.
As you conduct your online research, keep in mind that your career essay will include the following required information:
Description of the career and the position you would like to obtain.
The reason you chose that career
Educational requirements including: minimum education, continuing education requirements such as those required to maintain certification, and the benefits of advanced education.
Salary expectations.
Personal characteristics needed to be successful in the position.
Prospects for growth in the position and/or career field.
A good place to start is the Everest Career Education Network, Resources by Program tab. Explore five Web sites, either through the links provided on the Everest Career Education Network site or from a search using your browser. Look for answers to the questions in the bulleted list above that you are required to discuss in your paper.
Note: Wikipedia is not a reliable Website and will not be accepted for this assignment.

2. Evaluate and choose three credible Web sites by using the 5 components of information literacy on pages 156-161.
Step 1: Define
Step 2: Locate
Step 3: Select
Step 4: Organize
Step 5: Use (ethically)

3. Complete the tables below.
Fill in the template below with three facts from each of the Web sites you have visited.

Web Site 1
URL for the Web page (paste link here): Author of the article or Web page:
(Sometimes the author is an organization.)
Crime Scene Investigator Network
Title of…