How to Write a Good Essay with Tips from Trimble

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Knisely- Writing 2
Strategy is Key to Organizing
Introduction and Thesis Writing intimidates me due to the fact that I cannot organize my thoughts well and create a focused, appealing structure for the thoughts conveyed through my papers. Analysis doesn’t seem to be a huge problem, but the factor of “continuity” that Trimble mentions seems to be absent in my writing due to the fact that I have been writing for myself rather than attempting to persuade my reader to accept my view on a particular subject. I must create an overall strategy for the entire paper and strategize methods of organization for each part of the paper (i.e. how to organize my thoughts clearly for the thesis paragraph). Through his helpful advice, I’ve decided to implement several of Trimble’s tactics in order to phrase and organize my thoughts clearly in the thesis, middle and concluding paragraphs so that the paper comes out simple, yet appealing.
Overall Strategy
*look at both sides of the argument first to see which you like
* (don’t paraphrase it, analyze it)
Arrive at pre-thesis (something I’m passionate about with random thoughts)
*attitude: “Any thesis can be explained.”
Outline (creating subheadings)
*create steps and place in order
Free-write on paper for 30-40 minutes, don’t allow “blockage”; (if time) Drafts on computer
*know which are superstitions
*at this point, highlight phrases that can be used for the conclusion
Strategize writing for the paper: take 10 minute breaks (NOT ON THE COMPUTER) for every 25 minutes of real writing taking pieces from the drafts with audience in mind (serving, not impressing)
*use shorter words and sentences than those on free-write: “less is more”
* “Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people.”
How to Improve Thesis Paragraphs
Use free-writing and possible drafts in order to create a simple, straight-forward, FOCUSED thesis (don’t take the round-about way)
Don’t be afraid to be controversial(as long as you have support) like Danny
*the “hook” for the paper (can use a question, interesting fact, etc…)
Create a sentence that shows what the rest of the essay will be about at the end of this paragraph

Break Down Supporting Evidence into Smaller Chunks
Step 1: Strategize, organize arguments into groups and create topic sentences