Essay about How Values Affect Individual and Organisational Behaviour

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How values affect individual and organizational behaviour

Schwartz (1992) described values as desirable, trans-situational goals, changing in significance that serves as guiding principles in people’s lives. In simpler words, values evolve from circumstances with the outside world and can change over time. They are believed to have a significant influence on the behavioural and emotional of individuals (Rokeach, 1973), also on the organisational culture (O’Reilly & Chatman, 1996).

Values can be classified into two types, which are terminal values and instrumental values. Terminal values self-sufficient end-states of existence that an individual strives to attain such as wisdom. As instrumental values refers to mode of behaviour
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It is said that people are likely encouraged by the behaviours, values and attitudes that they favoured in the beginning or develop a sense of dissatisfaction when dissimilarities occur. According to Toma and Grady (2002), people tend to find meaning and meaning in activities that are in line with their principles. Quinn, O’Neil and Debebe (1996) described without having this alignment, employees can become demotivated, alienated and then they will start disengage from from their work.

In order to accommodate these different types of work personalities and values in such a manner that an individual and organisational goals are fused, a variety of work needs to be done. The mix of values indicates potential conflicting viewpoints and decision-making styles that will influence the capabilities of a group or an organisation. This is where managers of leaders come into play by understanding the differences in values, then using them to provide the framework and guidelines for being able to work together and communicate effectively with each other (Argandona, 2002). The values must be communicated to all interested parties in a manner that is easy to understand, honest and open.

It is also important for leaders and managers to understand personal values, which are important to the personnel in an organisation. This way, managers may be able to