How Was Julius Caesar Manipulated

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare took place in Rome. Julius Caesar was a big figure in Rome. Before him, Rome was founded by Aeneas. Rome was a monarchy during his time, and later on became a democratic republic because of Junius Brutus. Junius Brutus is the ancestor of Marcus Brutus. Marcus Brutus was a friend to Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus made many choices that had negative outcomes during the play. He was also manipulated fairly easy. Brutus chose to disregard his friendship with Caesar and to help Rome. Julius Caesar was then murdered by Brutus and the group of conspirators. Brutus then had to live with regret and guilt throughout the rest of the play, as well as some other internal conflict. A tragic hero is a character that makes a mistake that leads to their destruction and conflict. Brutus is the perfect example of this, …show more content…
An example, is that he trusted the conspirators and their motive for killing Caesar. He believed the notes he was given to trick him into joining them. He was also manipulated verbally as well by Cassius and the other conspirators. In the article, it says “The conspirators need Brutus precisely because he is known to be honourable and will therefore lend colour to their conspiracy when the time comes to justify their action to the people of Rome” (Shalvi 71). An example of manipulation is, when Cassius told Brutus a story about Caesar to make him look weak. While Cassius and Caesar were swimming in a lake, Caesar said “Help me, Cassius, or I sink!” (Shakespeare 1.2.111) This story made Cassius seem strong and Caesar weak, that Caesar needed Cassius for help. Brutus then believed that the conspirators were all killing Caesar to benefit Rome, like him. Later on he realized that they lied to him. Cassius did it out of envy, just like the other conspirators. This made Brutus feel speechless. He could not believe that he trusted their