How Will Does The Anzac Legend Tell The Story Of Individual Australian Soldiers During World War One 1 Essay

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World War I was a very devastating and also a nasty experience, it caused many difficulties for people, but brought much honour to some for things such as bravery, courage, teamwork and individuality. The Anzac legend is a concept which suggests that Australian and New Zealand soldiers possess shared characteristics, specifically the qualities those soldiers are believed to have shown on the battlefield in World War I. These qualities are around several ideas, including endurance, courage, bravery, good humour and mateship. According to this concept, the soldiers are perceived to have been innocent and fit, stoical and laconic, irreverent in the face of authority and disdainful of British class differences. The Anzac spirit also tends to capture the idea of an Australian and New Zealand with the Gallipoli Campaign often described as being the moment of birth of the nationhood of both Australia and New Zealand.
During World War I, Stories were told about many people, rumours and facts. The Anzac legend itself is not a very easy thing to talk about as people talk about different things about the Anzac legend. Based on the analysis of sources, the Anzac legend does not tell a full story on an individual’s experience during World War I but tells a brief summary of their experiences and the surfaces of themselves. Many individual people, especially during World War I, had a big impact on their countries and themselves. There were many themes showed during the war and people that displayed those themes, such as, firstly, leadership shown by Sir John Monash. He was one of Anzac’s main leaders of the First World War. He had many successful runs during his time leading his troops, but like almost every other man, had some defeats as well. After he had moved to the Western Front in 1916, he was promoted to Major General and took command of the 3rd division because of the leadership skills he had shown during the early stages of World War I. In 1918, he was then appointed Corps Commander and led some significant battles in that year, during the final stages of War. Monash finally secured his reputation during the battle of Hamel. His skilful planning and attention to detail resulted in a triumphant attack of the town by Australian and American troops. Monash will always be remembered as in Monash University in Melbourne or in the Australian War memorial.
Many other traits of individuality was shown during World War I and the Gallipoli Campaign, also known as the battle of Gallipoli, was a battle that took place on the Gallipoli peninsula in the Ottoman Empire which was during the period of 25th April 1915, to 9th January 1916. This was one of the main wars which the Anzacs fought in, also fought with the British and French allies, aiming to secure a sea route to Russia, which was heavily guarded by the Turks. However, after the eight months had gone past, the Anzacs and their allies had failed to capture the sea route and this was one of the Ottoman Empire’s greatest victories. The Battle of Gallipoli is also often referred to as the mark of the birth of national consciousness between Australia and New Zealand and the date landing, 25th of April, is known as “Anzac Day”
Some other individuality traits shown by Anzacs were traits such as bravery which was shown by John Simpson Kirkpatrick, Anzacs most known and bravest person from the Gallipoli Campaign. During the Battle of Gallipoli, there were many casualties and many wounded, Simpson was recklessly independent, being killed after mistakenly arriving at Gallipoli. He was given the job of recovering the wounded, using only a small donkey, named Duffy, while constantly being under fire; his bravery was widely spoken about when talking about the Gallipoli Campaign. One day, Simpson seemed as if he’d disappeared, when his donkey comes back with a wounded person on its back, but Simpson was not with it. He was killed. Even though he had an unknown death for a while before everybody