How Will You Influence People to Strive Willingly for Group Objectives in Your Organization (Target Based Industry)? Apply Your Interpersonal Influence Through Communication Process Towards Attaining Your Specialized Goals? Essay

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1. Principles and practices of management
How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (Target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals?
Answer: Group objectives essentially mean that a group of individuals recruited into an organization have the same objectives to achieve in the same time frame. There can be many such groups in an organization having their own group objectives. For Example: A medical device company can have a group, whose objective is to carry out research and development in a selected field of medicine. Whereas in the same company there is a group, whose objective is to market the medical
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d. Having a balance score card – with different metrics in the score card. This will ensure that the group works as a team and they would win if everyone in the team works hard. This will limit the cannibalization of each other’s work. So I will create these scorecards for different departments – accounts, finance sales and have the teams score on their objectives. This will also help identify early any underperformers if the score card begins to deteriorate. e. Individual goal settings – Even though working as a team is important, it is also vital to set individual goals. This will do two important things. One, it will make an individual’s responsibility clear and defined. Two, it will help to monitor the performance at an individual level and help one push himself/herself to become better in their work and improve their performances. f. Creating a value system of the company so that a bigger picture is seen – I would ensure this at the time of recruiting, to bring in people who synchronize with the value system of the organization. If there are a few who are mal-aligned then I will conduct workshops and group events that bring out the value system of the company strongly and give the feeling of unity to the employees. g. Tracking and monitoring or planning and tracking of the goals. Not at a micro-monitoring level, but at a macro level, I would do this to see if the objectives are achieved in