Essay on How Would You Characterize the Leadership of Walmart Founder Sam Walton?

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Part 5
Question 2: How would you characterize the leadership of Walmart founder Sam Walton?
The leadership of Walmart is Authentic Leadership which refers to individuals who know and understand themselves, who espouse and act consistent with higher order ethical values, and who empower and inspire others with their openness and authenticity. There are 5 key characteristics of authentic leaders, which are: (i) Authentic leaders pursue their purpose with passion, (ii) Authentic leaders practice solid values, (iii) Authentic leaders lead with their hearts as well their heads, (iv) Authentic leaders establish connect relationships, (v) Authentic leaders demonstrate self-discipline.
First characteristic is authentic leaders pursue their
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Fourth characteristic is authentic leaders establish connect relationships. Authentic leaders build positive and enduring relationships, which make the follower, want to do their best. In addition, authentic leaders surround themselves with good people and work to help others grow and develop. For example, executives at Walmart refer to the company big family. According to the company’s “open door” policy, all associates are encouraged to speak freely, share concerns, and express ideas for improving daily operations. Walton will listen to the associates because he said that they are best idea generator. In Walton’s grass roots ethic, local employees are the ones most likely to produce fresh ideas. Thus the associate will be feeling appreciated and it will make the best relationship between the top manager and the follower. Leader must have a good relationship with their worker to make the job more efficient. For example, the leader can spend more time with worker in lunch time to strengthen their relationship. When they are in a good relationship, it will be easy for leader to manage their worker. In addition, when they are good relationship, worker can share their experience and the idea about their job. Then, the leader can solve their problem and make the production or the service more efficient.
Lastly, authentic leaders demonstrate self-discipline. A high degree of self-control and self-discipline keeps leader from