How Would You Describe Yourself And Your Work Style?

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1.How would you describe yourself and your work style? Hi, Brad. My name is Monica Wu and I’m interviewing for the graphic design position.
First off, as a designer, I am meticulous, analytical, and results driven. I of course, I am dedicated to aesthetics and passionate about type. But at my core I believe that design is about communication. I am meticulous about my plannign and research, and every element has a reason. It’s imperitive that I design with the audience and message in mind.

2.How do you evaluate creative success? Creative success to me means that a project has completed its tangible requirements—successfully solved its message— is visually impeccable in composition and style., but in addition that it has transcended to something more, something new. There’s a fine line between art and communication, but the best design also challenges and straddles the two.

3.What motivates you? I’m motivated by success, about seeing a job done well. Especially when I’m working on a team, I will always go above and beyond to assure a successful final result.

4.What are your career goals? As I’m just starting out on my career, I want to be in a workplace where I gain experience and grow.

5.Why should I consider you for this position? ­Unlike many designers, I have an undergraduate background in psychology and human research with experience in outside sales. Communication and connection is what I’m all about.

6.Show a project example and discuss how the process is related to this job? Logitch project. I was the team lead, and led a team of 5 to create an highly successful, innovateive project.