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!!!!!!!!How to Write Using APA Very Important!!!!!!Posted on: Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to write using APA

1. Use standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper which is letter size

2. Use either Times New Roman or Arial 12 point type font.

3. Use a one inch margin on all side of each page left right top and bottom. Never use second side of page. This is always left blank.

4. Margins should be justified left which means margins will be flush left of page.

5. Double space all work except when writing mathematical; equations which can be triple or quadruple spacing.

6. Indent the first line of ever paragraph approximately five spaces.

7. Insert page number to top flush right of each page

8. Order of paper: Must be on a page of its own

• Title page center

Your name

My name

Course number

Title of Assignment

Date submitted

9. Use a running head on the first page only. This is flush against the left hand margin.

10. Formatting title or publication as mentioned in your paper: Title must be in italics

Bohlander, George; Snell, Scott. (2010).Managing human resources (15th ed.). South

Western-Cengage Learning

Hanging indentation is the first line of all references are set to the extreme left of page and the second line is indented five spaces as in the example above

11. Why cite your sources?

• Provides credit for sources used in the paper

• Allows a reader to know where the information came from

• Gives paper credibility

• Credit must be give when quoting a source which means copying word for word or