A Brief Note On The Affordable Health Care For Americans Act

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Ryan Faust
Evan Flow On March 23, 2011, Barack Obama signed a law called the Affordable Health Care for Americans Act. During the months of March and April the Supreme Court will hear a bunch of different oral argument concerning this act. The Court is deciding whether or not the Anti-Injunction Act will push any legal challenge back to 2015. That right there prevents taxpayers from challenging a tax or penalty before it goes into effect. The justices will decide if the individual mandate is constitutional. This individual mandate requires Americans to obtain health insurance. The court is saying that unless the conservative justices indulge in partisan politics, the law is constitutional. Because this law or act is so controversial and difficult to come to a conclusion with, the oral argument will be five and a half hours instead of just one hour. Most of the people say it depends on what Obama’s doing, four more years or out of president. The thing that I agree with in this article is that fact that they are making it that every American has to get some form of health insurance. I support that fact that all should be insured for many reasons. First off, just because you’re poor doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to not be insured. The purpose of insurance is to make sure you’re covered so when you get sick you don’t have to pay a lot of money to recover from that certain injury or illness. One thing I’m still not fully aware of is who will be paying for this health insurance, the people or the government? Because if Congress expects all to have insurance, they have to take into consideration the people that won’t be able to afford the cheapest insurance. I am for the health insurance for all and I hope that it gets put into affect when they have everything straightened out. The thing that I disagree is the way that they are handling everything. Obama came out with this and ever since people have been having many arguments and disputes about f this is the best thing for America or