How I Display Leadership Essay

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I display leadership outside of the academy described by 3 different examples. The first example is when my friends look up to me for leadership due to my assertiveness and kindness. Another example is when I'm assigned into a small group, my friends agreed that I was very cooperative. They also said that I took the position of a strong leader that helped to maintain organization and profecicency. The third example is that our school is currently preparing a school play and I've volunteered to help with stage construction. I'm constantly asked my opinion for problems that my peers encounter. I believe that many people come to me because they trust my opinion based off of past experiences. In some scenarios I was required to show my assertiveness and I was able to take control of a situation. For example me and my friends were planning an event where we couldn't decide a time or day because no one would assert themselves. I then decided a time with a date that would compromise with everyone except one person. I then planned the event so that everyone was able to come thus showing my kindness. Jordan is my bestfriend that I've known for a long time and he said, "Sami is a great friend and she has good leadership skills. I always look up for her for help because she gives great advice." This proves that my friend agrees that I'm a good leader outside of the academy. Another good example of a way that I show leadership skills is within groups. These small groups are usually created for school projects and normally require teamwork and effort. In some cases though this does not happen and individuals within a group will depend on one person while they blow it off. In my case thought I used leadership to prevent this from happening by being able to convince the people in the group to attempt to work equally. Currently I'm in a small group for my Spanish 1 project and even though my group is un-cooperative I have been able to get some work out of them. The final example of ways that