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I feel great about this project, because we have the chance to work as a team, help each other and divide the work that it will be fair for the others. Plus everybody was working hard to finish this project we even get to the point that every day I get headaches just to think how we would present this poster or presentation Maria for example was frustrated with what her grade would be if we do this wrong but at the end we did it an everything went better than I expected.
My strengths where that I knew how to talk to people and be able to have a conversation with them, and exchange connection, and be able to show them what diabetes is all about and being able to talk loud enough so people can hear me, and understand what I was talking about and explaining myself. But my weakness were that I was doing the posternot time and talk to my team about what is right or wrong about the project. Trying to finish on time and translated to Spanish the whole poster it was a hard job but done it good.
I enjoy talking to new people meet them and being there to help them with their family issues with diabetes and learn something new about them and know that most people care about others health. For example it was this lady that talk to her mother on the phone to see what type of diabetes she have and she have type 2, we explain her all we know about diabetes type two and she was satisfied with what we tell her.
I didn’t enjoy that people sometimes ignored us when we were talking to them and just pass by like nothing happen that make me feel that we were just not doing it right, for example this lady came to me and ask me what I was doing and I told her we doing a diabetes project and I was going to start to explaining her what was that and she just said to me that she already knew everything that make me feel like nothing.
It was awesome presenting this project to adults, because some of them already have