How I interpret conflict Essay

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By Ellie Hayton

Types of ConflictI believe that there is three types of conflict. Physical,
Emotional and Political. In this this presentation I shall be sharing, how I interpret conflict from the War poem ‘The Man he

How I interpreted the conflict that was usedMany people think that conflict is just arguing or physical contact, but for political conflict is where debates happen whereas emotional conflict is where, for example, if you stutter or pause, it is thought as hesitation which leads us to think that you are doing that because you don’t know

Additionally it says ‘right many a nipperkin’ This tells us that if they had met before the Boer war, they could have got on and got a drink together, and maybe even be friends. This gives us an example how things can go down if it was different from the start.

Also to back the above even further it says ‘Or help to half a crown.’ This tells us that if the circumstances were different that he would even go to lending the man some money.

Thomas uses physical conflict by saying ‘I shot him as he at me’ This tells us that he had to defend himself and that it wasn’t just because he was on the opposing side. Furthermore it said “he was my foe. Just so: my foe of course he was;’ This shows us that he is reassuring himself because, really he himself is unsure of what they where. They could have been in the same situation, where they had only enlisted because they needed the money for there…