How to Be a Good Project Manager Essay

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Ramon L. Morales
Robert Morris University
11 May 2010, PMP 575

The text “What it takes to be a good project manager” analyses two approaches to the prerequisites of effective project management. The author, B.Z.Posner, makes an original parallel between the primary personal characteristics of successful project managers (PM) and the basic problems facing such a position. In fact, Posner suggests the idea that these approaches are interconnected and hence the primary successful PM’s characteristics are those that would help PM the most to overcome the basic problems facing his/her activities.
1-What primary characteristics distinguish the very successful project managers from the more mediocre
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I would have to say that the remaining problems in Table I were not so much discussed as problems faced during a project but as required skills necessary by a project manager. So the chapter talked more about the communication, coping, and organizational skills needed by a successful project manager as compared to common problems faced by a project manager: Insufficient planning, breakdown of communications, and changes in goals and resources.

5- How does Table 2 compare to the discussion in the chapter?
I think this chapter focuses more on project management skills needed than project problems. Almost all of the skills in Table 2 are presented in the chapter but in my opinion the chapter makes a weak attempt to explain Leadership and Team Building Skills as they relate to project success.

I like the way that the B.Z. Posner fundamentally connects project management skills with common problems faced by project managers. The problems associated with projects can be random and vast. Nevertheless potential PMs must have an adaptive and extensive skill set to be effective and to manage obstacles that arise during the course of a project. It is also important to note that the presented study was conducted more than 20 years ago. If we take into account the evolution in information technology and globalization the skills required for successful project management may be slightly different