How to Become a Human Resource Manager Essay

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So You Want to Become a
Human Resource Manager

Thesis: This report will offer insights into the challenging field of a Human Resource Manager.
I. Introduction A. Definition B. Background C. Statistics of Job Openings D. Thesis and Purpose E. Source and Scope of Research
II. Career Analysis A. Nature of the Work 1. Occupational Specialists 2. Duties and Responsibilities 3. Working Conditions a. Hours b. Environment B. Employment Requirements 1. Education a. Bachelor’s degree b. Master’s degree c. Professional certifications 2. Personal Skills

a. People skills b. Organizational skills c. Communication skills C. Employment Outlook a.
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The nature of the work as stated in the Occupational Outlook Handbook states that the human resource (HR) department has many different professionals dealing with several levels; these representatives carry different titles, and some of these titles include Labor Relations Managers, Payroll Managers, and Recruiting Managers (United States).
Occupational Specialists
The human resource specialists’ duties are clearly different and in some cases, their responsibilities do overlap. In very large corporations, Human Resource Directors have human resource departments falling under their supervision. Experienced managers head these departments and each manager is specialized in one of the following duties: employment, benefits, training, and relations between employer and employee (“Careers in Human Resource Management”).
In small companies, Human Resource Generalists will handle all the duties of the human resource department and requires a wide range of knowledge depending on the organization’s needs. These generalists may be expected to recruit new employees, coordinate retraining efforts, and manage benefit programs. They may also have to take care of local and federal policies, implement business rules that are ethical, and maintain the cost and revenue in a way that maximizes profit (“Careers in Human Resource Management”).
Duties and