How to Develop Indonesia Tourism Essay

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How to Develop Indonesia Tourism
Indonesia is a large country in Asia which is known to have a very abundant natural wealth. This is the great potential to be used as the welfare of Indonesian society like in the tourism sector. Indonesia has the tourism resources that are not less interesting with other countries in the ASEAN region. Indonesia has 5 big islands and more than 17.000 small islands. The main islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya. Even Papua and Kalimantan rank as the second and third largest island in the world after Greenland. Indonesia's archipelago with a tropical climate and very humid, has the richness and diversity of natural resources (beaches, volcanoes, tropical forests, and wildlife) that
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Promotion efforts to develop Indonesia tourism can be followed by several methods. Firstly, holding Indonesian tourism exhibitions overseas and domestic. By holding the promotion overseas, they will know that Indonesia have a lot of potential tourist destination if we see from the side of culture and nature attraction. While the promotion in this country will foster the interest of the Indonesian community to visit tourist destination in Indonesia.
Second, promoting tourism by using the Internet media. Internet not only technological findings, but also the teacher to educate people find various information (including tourism information) that they wanted, to make life much easier. Now, tourist can't wait the information from travel agencies and other organization. They are happier to look personally what is on the mind so it can persuade that the product chosen by them is the best.
With the Internet, information needed for a trip is available especially as World Wide Web or Web. Consumers now can directly relate to sources of information without intermediary. And at this time is know new-truth marketer's tourism that is:
“If you are not online, then you are not on-sale. If your destination is not on the Web then it may well be ignored by the millions of people who now have access to the Internet and who expect that