How to Establish a Sustainable, Positive Atmosphere in Your Classroom Essay

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Title: Factors that contribute towards classroom atmosphere and how to establish a sustainable, positive atmosphere in your classroom

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1. Introduction 2 2. Learner Motivation 2 2.1. Extrinsic Versus Intrinsic Motivation 4 3. Communication 5 4. Interpersonal relations between learners and the facilitator 6 5. The maintenance of discipline 6 6. Classroom discipline policy 8 7. Conclusion 9 8. References 9

The benefits of creating a positive learning atmosphere in a classroom are numerous. Schools that have a positive learning environment embody a place that students enjoy coming to everyday and where they are able to perform to their full potential. A classroom culture can
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Learners who are intrinsically motivated may engage in an activity because it gives them pleasure, helps them develop a skill they think is important, or seems to be the ethically and morally right thing to do. (Schweinle, Turner, & Meyer, 2006).

Learners are most likely to show the beneficial effects of motivation when they are intrinsically motivated to engage in classroom activities. Intrinsically motivated learners tackle assigned tasks willingly and are eager to learn and more likely to achieve high marks. In contrast, extrinsically motivated learners may have to be enticed or prodded to perform at their best.
As not all learners are intrinsically motivate to learn (not everyone can like an enjoy math’s and science!) it is the educators task to mediate learning in such a way that the learner is motivate to learn. The teaching process plays a vital role in this. The educator needs to create an environment where learners want to learn, are confident in achieving goals and where they believe that what they are learning is beneficial and worthwhile.

An educator can achieve intrinsic motivation by making lessons interesting, creative, inspiring and challenging so that it increases learners interest and desire to learn. The natural motivation of learners surface in environments that are supportive, safe and reliable. Therefore it is necessary for Educators to provide the necessary support for learners