How to Lead by Example in the Workplace Essay

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How to lead by example in the workplace by Raffi Varoujian
Created on: September 21, 2010
There are plenty of people at work who talk a good game, but fail to back up their words with actions. Following through on your responsibilities and commitments is key to being a success in the workplace. However, “doing your job” is a given – it is the bare minimum that is expected of you by your employer and your colleagues. It goes without saying that you should act professionally, dress appropriately, be courteous, and responsive. However, to lead, you should be setting the standard, rather than following it. It is very easy to do what everyone else is doing – there is safety in numbers, and sticking your head above the parapet is usually a
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* You always treat a confidence with respect and maintain discretion and trust is not violated.
When employees see these type of behaviors in a wide range of different situations, they will naturally be attracted to follow your lead. Your actions must represent what your core values and beliefs are, or you risk damaging your reputation of integrity and individuals will lose trust in you. When your actions are not true to what you state your beliefs and values are, you will not find it easy to lead by your examples.
The ability to lead by example must include the element of respect. Individuals will follow individuals that have shown integrity and demonstrates direction that gets the job done without losing the value system they have set in place for themselves. Leading by example requires a commitment to remain true to self, and demonstrates consistency with your behaviors so that you are the person that other individuals will want to follow.

by Suzanne Rose
Created on: September 18, 2010
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