Howard P. Robertson Biography

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The Biography of Howard P. Robertson Howard P. Robertson was born in January 27, 1903, in Hoquiam Washington. He was the oldest child out of five children. All children attended university. His father died at when Robert was 15. He attended University of Washington in Seattle. He wanted to be to study engineering at first but he eventually switched to mathematics. he got a bachelor science degree in mathematics in 1922 but earned a masters in 1923. The same year he earned a masters he married Angela Turinsky she was in philosophy and psychology she went to the same school as Howard. The had two children a man name George duncan who became a surgeon, and his daughter Mariette who married California Institute of Technology historian Peter W. …show more content…
Robert eventually goes back to the United States. Robertson is returns to the united states in 1927 and worked at Caltech where he became an assistant professor of mathematics. In 1929 he accepted to be an assistant manager of mathematics physics Princeton University and by 1930 he became a professor for the university. Robert had an interest in general activity and differential geometry which led to papers in the 1920s that arose of the subject. Robertson wrote three very important papers of the mathematics of quantum mechanics.Quantum mechanics a type of science of the very small the body of scientific standards that clarifies the behavior of matter and its connections with vitality on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.He viewed at the coordinate system needed for the Schrödinger equation to be solvable. The Schödinger equation is a partial differential equation and explains how the quantum state of a physical system changes with time. The second paper showed the relationship with the commutative property and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. The third page was more of the second page. Since these pages were in German because he wrote them in Germany he later by 1931 published a translation of