Howard Staunton and Louise Erdrich Q 1 Essay

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Q1) At the beginning of the book, why was the baby left alone?
A1) Everyone else had died of smallpox and the Anishinabe people were afraid that the baby might have smallpox too. (p 1 & 2)

Q2) What does Omakayas mean?
A2) Little frog (p5)

Q3) What was Omakaya’s grandmother’s name?
A3) Nokomis (p6)

Q4) During which season is birchbark usually cut?
A4) Spring (p6)

Q5) What did Omakaya’s grandmother use as an offering to the spirits before getting the birchbark?
A5) Tobacco (p7)

Q6) Which tribe did Omakaya and her family belong to?
A6) Anishinabe (p9)

Q7) What was Omakaya’s mother called?
A7) Yellow kettle (p9)

Q8) How old was Omakaya at the beginning of the book?
A8) 7 years old (p5)

Q9) How many siblings does Omakaya have?
A9) 2 brothers (Pinch, Neewo) and 1 sister (Angeline)

Q10) What does Neewo mean?
A10) Neewo means “fourth” (p37)

Q11) What did Omakayas call her father?
A11 )Deydey

Q12) What was Omakaya’s father’s name?
A12) Mikwam or Ice (p51)

Q13) How did the girls scare away the crows that came to eat the corn?
A13) Omakayas clacked two sticks and Angeline flapped her father’s old shirt (p54)

Q14) What was making Omakayas’ makazins move?
A14) Omakayas’ pet crow (p69)

Q15) What did Omakayas name her pet crow and what did it mean in Ojibwa?
A15) Andeg. It means crow (p73)

Q16) What does Gaygo mean in Ojibwa?
A16) Stop it (p93)

Q17) How did Neewo die?
A17) From…