howard zinn ch 9 Essay

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- War of 1812: new expansion

- Cotton: going to expend west

- Flame State: when Native Americans attempted to fight

- Daws Act: divided the territories the indians like to sue on. The land was subtracted from the formula

- Native American’s moved to Oklahoma

- Cherokee attempted to adapt anything they could

- Explosion over the market vs. slave economy

- Election of Lincoln 1860’s

Your going to have a battle between the elite of the north and the elite of the south

As the economy began to grow, there were small groups of people in the North and South

the people who have wealth in the South represent 7%

Andrew Jackson:

we are facing a challenge of building a National Republic what value do we bring? what values around gender, color, power and business do we bring

they want to not be like England, they wanted to avoid the notion of someone having the absolute power.

defeat England build another country

fear: the colonies make a comparison with the american revolution. the colonists want a republicanism because they see it as a counter referred to as absolutism. We are moving from absolutism to republicanism.

development of new classes

the queen and king control the mean of production

the new class of people (republicanism) are people who got their money from trade.

the colonists were convinced women, blacks, indians, and the poor did not have a role in republicanism. They began to think of the varieties of the republicanism:
#1) the elite republicanism: the people who were smarter, better educated, the ones who would make the decisions.
#2) economic republicanism: those who could create jobs.
#3) democratic republicanism: goal to be exclusive as possible

is republicanism for whites only? no.