Informative Essay On A Difficult Job

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Writer grabbed audience attention in her informative essay by picking really interesting and difficult job that she did while she was in college. Writer made it clear in her thesis statement that she is only going to talk about her most difficult job and her hardship in that job. “None of these jobs was as bad as my work as a waitress in a combination restaurant and ice cream parlor. The work there was physically hard; the pay was poor; and most of all, the working conditions were deplorable. “
In her first paragraph, writer talked about her physical tiredness in her job like she mentioned in her thesis. Writer was really successful explaining her physical tiredness with her personal experiences like how many hours she stand, what kind of job she has to do, why her work demands lot of endurance, strength and energy. Writer clearly followed step-by-step learning process that what, how and why she was doing? Also in the end of the paragraph writer clearly states by saying “When I went home, I had to soak my poor body in a tub for at least half an hour before I could sleep. “ This statement describes all her physical hardness she was facing throughout the day. In Second and third paragraph’s also writer successfully followed her thesis and made it really clear explaining that her poor salary conditions and deploring conditions. In second paragraph she stated that she was making less than $300 per week including tips. “My take-home pay was usually under three hundred