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Howson Wang
Mrs. Jundler
12 December 2013
Canada Should Reinstatement of Capital Punishment to obtain more Justice and Safety.
The capital punishment, or the death penalty, is a legal process to terminate criminal’s lives. Such punishment policy used to be practiced in most of the worlds; however, it has been abolished by some nations. Currently, whether to maintain or abandon capital punishment becomes a controversial issue worldwide and the situation varies in different regions. In the United States, the policies, established by the federal government, allow the implementation of capital punishment, while other states keep forbidding. For example, in some European countries, capital punishment is prohibited. Numerous people disagree with death penalty and argue that such punishment violates the human rights of criminals. But, in fact protecting and ensuring citizens’ rights are relatively more important. A majority of Canadians think that Canada should reinstate the capital punishment because such policy will deter crime and reduce crime rates, maintain the “maximum public safety” and provide a fire judgment for victims. A punishment for murderers also promotes national security and legal fairness doctrine.
First of all, capital punishment will deter crime and reduce crime rates. There are statistics that prove that death penalty deters crime. Some economists now routinely argue that for each execution case, it prevents three to thirty-two murders. Basically, overarching theories of both deterrence and brutalization are probably accurate, after a high-profile execution, some career criminals have admitted to leaving any firearms behind out of fear of execution while committing crimes. On the other hand, the potential of possible execution also seems to lead some criminals to escalate their use of violence. The two approaches to the issue, in other words, are not mutually exclusive (Klassen, Jeff). Crime rate is like a virus and capital punishment is like the vaccine to defense that virus. If you body is healthy enough to have the capability of resisting virus, you can think over to do not take vaccine. When your immune system is weak while you are not taking vaccine, your immune system will have low resistivity to fight against virus, there fore virus will possibly contaminate you. Capital punishment is like that method; it will help decrease the possibility of crimes happened. The capital punishment helps deterrent crime and reduces crime rates.
Secondly, capital punishment will keep “maximum public safety”, which is mean of government providing a public living environment to citizens of the maximum rating. The Colonel Russell Williams, forty-seven years old, a former commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton, in eastern Ontario, pleaded guilty to all eighty-eight charges against him. Including two first-degree murder, murder Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France, two counts each of sexual assault and forcible confinement and eight two break-ins and attempted break-ins. Williams had pleaded guilty about his "very serious crimes," and faced an automatic sentence of life in prison, with no possibility of parole for at least twenty five years (CBC News). After Williams is released upon completion of a sentence, nobody knows dose he repentant about his crime or not, does he will guarantee he will not hurt people again. After twenty-five years everything about Williams is unknown. For the “maximum public safety”, Russell Williams should be sentenced to death row at the first of his trial. There is statistics that show the amount of Canadian who support the reinstatement of capital punishment in Canada. There are three-in-five Canadians think the capital punishment should be reinstatement. That means sixty three percent Canadians support reinstatement of the capital punishment (Angus-Reid). Even the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper thinks capital punishment is necessary. The polling of capital punishment is