Essay on Hp at a Strategic Crossroad: 2005

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School of Business The University of Hong Kong
BUSI1007-C Group 4B Term paper on HP case

Name Bian Nan, Allison Cheung Ho Wai, Ken Lam Ka Yuen, Kevin Lee Ka King Liu Han, Eli Zhuang JieJing, Crown Zhou Yi,Shay 2008800028 2008218536 2008106692 2006051025 2008800872 2008802399 2008802351



i. General Analysis 1.1 The organizational transformation: An introduction.
How do the major organizational dimensions relate to one another and with external environment in which businesses operate?

1.2 1.3 ii.

The major paradoxes today and HP’s dilemma
What are the major paradoxes & issues facing today’s business?

The difficulties of organizational transformation

HP: Some issues in the process of organizational
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It requires company act fast towards technology changes. It also requires company conduct R&D especially for technology-driven companies. Choose the suitable culture both according to tradition as well as current trends and employees’ needs. Choose the right CEO according to organizational culture, needs, public image, organizational structure, etc Sales revenue growth-companies are always searching for revenue growth Market share- today’s businesses use M&A to gain bigger market share, but it needs deep consideration and analysis. Management ethics: financial manipulations, corporate lying, misrepresentations Conflicts between manager’s personality and organization’s culture and tradition

 Personal interest vs. organizational  interests

The difficulties of organizational transformation To solve the problems existing in the organization, transformations must be made. However, organizational transformation can be very difficult. There are three types of organizational transformation, each with its obstacles. Firstly, changing people can be difficult for the reason that people will mostly

likely resist changes for the following reasons mentioned in the chart below:
Uncertainty Habit Concern over personal loss Belief that changes not in the organization's best interest
• Replace the known for the unknown.Negative attitude occurs when update are not successful. • To cope with complexity of life, people rely on