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A) The Disease we chose to focus on is Human Papilloma Virus, also known as HPV. Human Papiloma Virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection; there are approximately 30 different types of HPV infecting the genital areas such as the vulva, vagina, cervix, rectum, anus, penis or scrotum. The mouth and throat can also become infected. HPV can be communicated through anal or vaginal sex, as well as any type of genital contact; HPV may also be contracted through oral sex. Most people do not realize they can contract HPV even if their partner shows no symptoms. This virus affects the skin, usually causing asymmetrical cell growth or warts. There are low risk types of HPV in addition to high risk types. An example of a low risk virus is genital warts which are associated with viral forms 6 and 11; a high risk type associated with HPV which may possibly lead to cervical cancer evolves from strands 16 and 18. Most people are unaware that they have contracted this infection since many symptoms of this virus go undetected. Ninety percent of people who are infected with HPV will be free of the virus within two years as a result of their own immune system. The virus is so common that 75%- 90% of all people having sex will at some point come in contact with the Human Papiloma Virus.

B) Twenty percent of college women who are sexually active are infected with HPV. Nearly 5 percent of pap smear tests (a swab done on females when they go to the gynecologist to test for irregular cells within the vagina) taken from women under age 30 comes back HPV related. With that being said, our target groups are women in high school through college. We want to focus on this group in order to make a difference and prevent the spread of HPV. About 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the United States each year. Nearly all of these cancers are HPV related. By educating more women in means of preventing this virus, we can hopefully lower these statistics. Men are just as susceptible to contracting the virus, but suffer less affects then women. Some statistics given by Genital HPV Infection- Fact Sheet:

1,500 women who contract HPV-associated vulvar cancer

500 women who contract HPV-associated vaginal cancer

400 men who contract HPV-associated penile cancer

2,700 women and 1,500 men who contract HPV-associated anal cancer

1,500 women and 5,600 men who contract HPV-associated or pharyngeal cancers (cancers of the back of throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils).

C) Components within the Health Belief Model are Perceived Susceptibility which is, I am putting myself at risk for this infection. Second is Perceived Seriousness, the consequences of this infection are serious. Third is Perceived Benefits which is, is it worth taking the risk? The fourth is Perceived Barriers which is, what is stopping me from protecting myself from this infection. This then leads to a plan of action. So what are you going to do stop putting yourself at risk, or change your behavior as your call to action? I would like to focus on a couple of components from the Health Belief Model, starting with Perceived Susceptibility. It is important that young women recognize they are at risk for the infection HPV so they will make an effort to avoid contracting the virus. If women do not realize how popular this Infection is becoming, they will not realize how susceptible they are to contracting HPV, and therefore, being at risk for cervical cancer, in addition to leading to reproductive complications, as well as a variety of genital warts.

The second component listed in the health belief model that I would like to focus on is Perceived Barriers. What is stopping women from protecting themselves from HPV? The Guardasil shot can prevent up to 70 percent of cervical cancer, and 90 percent of genital warts if administered before becoming sexually active. Many wonder