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Organizational Culture and Diversity
Eukera Williams
Business BUS 5273.62 Human Resource Administration Dr. Derek Crews
November 3, 2012

Organizational culture and Diversity goes hand in hand when running a successful diverse company. Having an organizational culture brings clarity to the company and also to the employee to have an understanding of what the company is wholeheartedly about. On the other hand diversity is keen to have in a company because of how diverse our world is. As time come more and more things become more diverse, whether it’s in an educational institution or corporate organization.
The sources that were used for this research paper all had relevant reviews and good perspectives when viewing organizational culture. Different views including culture matters and it can either make or break the organization. Also in research it was believed that culture had a great deal with high performance. Along with strategy and organization culture is just as crucial and all must be in sync (Booz & Company 2010).
Organizational culture Organizational culture comes from a company that has history; newly developed companies don’t have the advantages of how organizational culture works with an established company. Organizational culture is the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. According to the “Business Dictionary” its basically shared attitudes, beliefs customs, and written and unwritten rules that the organization develops over time. Not only does companies know this term as organizational culture but also corporate culture. With the ties of using organizational culture and corporate culture interchangeably, it’s known that the two derives from how business it conducted, how the employers treat employees, customers whether it be internally or externally. Many have said that the purpose of organizational culture is to help further bring everyone in the organization closer together and improve their performance. The mission statement, purpose and the core values within the company, brings the employees together. Understanding the mission statement, core values etc., keeps everyone on the same agenda, and involved in the company’s common goal. Not all companies have the same culture, its different in many ways. Once the culture is set in stone in its ways its very hard to change. For example, the employer I work for is very established and…