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Article Review Pamela Diaz
“The Future of Recruiting and Hiring Technology” by Adam Vaccaro
This article describes how the technology is changing the recruiting landscape. While the principles of a well-written job posting remain relatively constant, recruiting technology is rapidly changing their distribution model. With that rapid evolution, recruiters who aren’t paying attention run the risk falling far behind, and quickly.
The author also explains that “Recruiters who understand online sourcing are ahead of the competition.” One recent innovation in online recruitment is the use of syndicated display advertising technologies (on-line media) to put job postings in front of more job candidates. These advertisements are generated dynamically and automatically distributed to a targeted audience across many web sites. For example If they post a nursing job, they don’t need to get in front of all of the 68 Million Americans that the company reaches, but just those people in the targeted region who have an interest in nursing. This targeted advertising extends the reach of the job posting and can lure candidates who aren’t actively looking for an open position on a job board. Rather than investing substantial time and money to plan an advertising campaign, design ads, and buy media, the employer simply signs up to have the targeted ad generated from their job opening.
Another development in job posting distribution according to the article is the adoption of mobile phones to access the Internet. These devices are driving behavioral changes in today’s ever-connected workforce. Catering to this mobile audience is another way to extend the reach of job postings for recruiters looking to source candidates in the prime of their careers. One example of that is Monster, which created its job-seeking app for