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Blake A. Trahan
MGT 3530
Dr. Apryl Broderson
7 September 2014
Assignment #1
Item 1: EEO, Diversity, and Legal Issues
Three questions that should not be asked in an interview are:
1. How old are you?
2. What religion are you?
3. What is your history of drugs or alcohol?
Critical Analysis:
1. Why should these questions should not be asked?
a. The reason that question 1 should not be asked is that age should not be a factor in the hiring process. There are ways to get their age instead of asking directly. If the person being is interviewed, they probably filled out paperwork that shows their age or that they are in the age range to be able to work at your establishment.
b. The reason that question 2 should not be asked is because there is no valid reason that an interviewer to ask that question. Your religious affiliation does not affect job performance and should not be involved in the hiring process
c. The reason that question 3 should not be asked is because what you did in your past should not have any influence on the hiring decisions. The employer can ask though if you currently use illegal drugs because it can affect your job performance.
2. If I were asked these questions, I would…
a. Question 1: I would refrain from answering the question because I would not want that to affect me from being hired. I would state that I am over 21 years old because it gives an idea that I can work there and generic enough to get a rough idea of my age.
b. Question 2: I would not answer this question honestly. I would tell the person hiring that I do not have a religious affiliation so that I would avoid being judged or negatively affected in the hiring process.
c. Question 3: I would answer that I do not have a history of drugs or alcohol.
Item 2: Job Analysis and HR Planning
Overview: For Item 2 I chose the job “Spa Manager”. I thought this was the best fit when I looked under “manager” in the search bar. 39-1021.01 - Spa Managers
Plan, direct, or coordinate activities of a spa facility. Coordinate programs, schedule and direct staff, and oversee financial activities.
Critical Analysis:
1. If I were a supervisor of this job, I could use this information to fully grasp the extent of this job. Also, using this information I could make a good outline for the expectations of the employee and the high standard I would like to maintain.
2. If I held this job, I could use this information to see what areas of expertise I would need to work on or acquire. With this information, I could see what is expected of me for the job and the different situations I will have to deal with.
3. If I were a candidate for this job, I could use this information to see what kind of work style is recommended for this certain job. I could also see the different aspects to the job which could lead me closer to that particular job or I find out that I would hate that job and stay away from it.
Item 3 Job Analysis and HR Planning:
Overview: The Job that I searched for was a Tour Operations Represenative for MillerCoors of Golden, Colorado.
Critical Analysis:
1. I found this job on MillerCoors website. I think this is the best way to find jobs for this type of job. Going directly to the website of the company I want to work for is incredibly effective because other websites could have different information and could misdirect you.
2. It is extremely efficient on enticing employees to become apart of the company. MillerCoors accomplishes this by putting a company description that is very impressive and inspiring. Also, there is a section for benefits for the employee that make it more enticing to want to work for this company.
3. With this job posting there are some things I would change about it. I think the website would be better if they distinguished the