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Sharpie Chartered Accountants Corporation
Introduction of Company
Sharpie Chartered Accountants Corporation, it is an accounting firm that provides accounting, taxation and business advisory services. By getting to know our clients, we make sure that they make the best decisions regarding their own business and/or tax filings. We review the client’s company’s financial statements and then provide them with a report of their financial position and results of operations.
The goal for the review process is an unqualified report that assures the fair presentation of your financial reporting to lenders, creditors, partners, and customers. Our values inspire and require us to provide our audit and review functions in a timely and professional manner at reasonable fees. In turn your company will access a supervised client service team of highly qualified professionals.
We take care of all your accounting matters so you can focus on what matters: Your business!
The Method of Hire Employees

The organization has Bureaucratic structure. It has 5 levels and hierarchical communication channels and career paths. The jobs are highly specialized and narrowly defined by job description. When we hire employees we first check their resume by automated resume screening and searching. The candidates’ able abilities must match the jobs descriptions. After we select some candidates we have interviews with candidates and ask questions to exam their quantifications. They include the skills and personalities that the candidates must have to fit the organization and can add their value to the organization. After interview we assess the candidates and predict whether candidates are motivated by the factors associated with a particular job or a company’s values and ways of doing things. Then we select ideal candidates for second interview to exam the professional competency. The best candidates will be selected.
What Types of Interview / Test to Use
1. Phone interview
2. Face to face interview
Based on our company structure and goals, we decided to have phone interview first, and then have face to face interview.
As the first round of phone interview, we are looking for people who are qualified as an experienced accountant, in total, we will hire 3 people. During the phone interview, we will testify whether or not the applicators’ education background, communication skills, hard skills, and solving problems skills.
After the phone interview, perhaps we have already selected some applicators into the second face to face interview, at this time, we are specifically focusing on their personality, communication, and the attitude they have on the position.
Conduct the Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisal is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual employee’s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives. Other aspects of individual employees are considered as well, such as organizational behaviour, accomplishments, potential for future improvement, strengths and weaknesses, etc. There are 7 ways to follow to appraise the employee’s performance are bellow:
1. Graphic Rating Scale Method
2. Forced Distribution Method
3. Critical Incident Method
4. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales
5. Management by Objectives (MBO)
6. Balanced Scorecard
7. Technology- Based Methods
From all the method that are mentioned above, our company management figure out that the Management by Objectives and the Balances Scorecard are the two most important method to use to appraise the employee’s performance which will give us the real picture on the employee’s Performance, Effectiveness and Productivity.
Management by Objective: Comparing other appraisal methods focus on results, the management by objective method requires the manager to set specific measurable goals with each employee and then periodically discuss the employee’s progress towards these goals. We conduct the…