HR Case Studies Essay

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Chapter 1:

1) Black says that an HR manager must be commercial, challenging, and focused on delivery and excellence. To be successful in the HR profession you must be able to understand change and transformation and to be able to think and make decisions to better your company regardless of what is happening. She also says that a good HR manager will keep a good balance between tactical and strategic thinking, as well as excel at operations. Lastly, she says that a great HR manager is not afraid to say no when it needs to be said.
2) One outcome of the company’s new HR strategy is that it created conditions in which employees could develop their careers and find meaning in their work. A known outcome of the new HR strategy is that Lloyd’s acquired a position on the “Top 100 Best Companies to Work For (in the UK) List”, and was one of the UK’s Top 40 Business Brands by independent research. Overall, Lloyd’s transformed into a place where employees want to work and are motivated to do their best work by the new HR strategy
3) There are many challenges that come with establishing HR policies for a global company. The first thing to overcome is the language barrier. Many countries in the same region often speak different languages, therefore they need to have a universal language for the policies. Another obstacle to overcome would be the cultural and ethnic differences amongst the different companies that the policy would pertain to. In some countries, certain words or gestures may be normal but in other countries that same gesture or word may be very disrespectful. The policy would