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Employee recruitment: Current knowledge and important areas for future research

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The overall approach of this annotated bibliography is to provide descriptions and evaluations of the research mentioned in the Breaugh, J. A. (2008) article, ‘Employee recruitment: Current knowledge and important areas for future research’; and how important the recruitment process influence to employers and employee. Given the context (external recruitment), I will focus on external recruitment studies which supported by the relative recruitment via position attributes, and the influence of organization characteristics in recruitment methods. The author provide a model of recruitment process that define recruitment objectives, then organizations should carry out recruitment activities suggested by the strategy, and evaluate recruitment result. The author also evaluates the effect of Realistic Job Preview and its impact to recruitment, and job applicants; in context of realistic job preview, three important job applicant related variable are anchoring and adjustments, inability, and the lack of self-insight. In addition, the article mentions recruitment methods include limitation of traditional research, and the factors are affected to recruitment methods (i.e. insurance agent, job fairs, and newspaper ads). Employee referrals have been specially effect to recruitment methods. Researches on other recruitment topics are also included in this article. Those topics are targeting individuals for recruitment, the content of job advertisements, Internet recruiting via employer's web site/ job boards, site visits and timing issue. Throughout the article, Breaugh explained the past recruitment research (mostly their limitations) along with suggestions for future research.
The article is useful to my research topic because Breaugh examined external recruitment studies clearly and sufficiently. As mentioned in the article, the recruiter effect based on behavior, experience to recruits and attracted job candidates. I have suggested the recruiter credibility, experiences options within my review. However, based on the research examined, I recommend technology of recruitment should be targeting individual, job advertisements, internet recruiting via web-sites and job boards, and I suggest the timing issue is an important in recruitment process.
Four articles reviewed each suggested that external recruitment methods is a key important to organization to find employee who have been apply to job fit, and the affected of employee referrals that relate to organization recruitment. I have provided some example relate to recruitment method with the corresponding bibliographies. These e-recruitments method should be more effect, attractive to employee in future research.

Breaugh, J. A. (2013). Employee recruitment. Annual Review of Psychology, 64, 389-416. doi:10.1146/annurev-psych-113011-143757

In this article, Breaugh et al. (2013) focused on the effectiveness of external recruitment method. Their research method was an experimental study that gained necessary data from individual recruitment records in several organizations and college placement offices, which define how the job opening is attracted the attention of job candidates, influence whether individual apply for opening, affect whether they maintain interest in this position until the job offer is extended and whether job offer is accepted. The author brief that individual applies for job opening is strongly related to attractiveness of job candidates, and the personal attributes are linked to recruitment outcomes. The study also concluded that employee referrals were higher level performance, more likely to be hired. The employer use college campus recruiting influence the number of job applicant but better applicant qualifies, and the author noted that employees pay more attention by job advertising via website, job board in the future…