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Human Resource Management Roles The definition of “human resources” is all people within an organization who perform all of its activities. Human resource management is an organizational function, which helps an entire organization work together to accomplish their goals. Human resource management or HRM is in charge of personnel policies and managerial practices and performance systems that influence the workforce (Bernadin, 2007). This organizational function deals with issues that pertain to people. The main function of HRM is to focus on recruitment, management, and providing direction for people who work in the organization. Issues are handled by HRM is hiring, compensation, performance, development, training, safety, benefits, safety, and wellness.

Functional Roles In the health care industry, human resource management has a very important role. The human resources department is in charge of finding the right candidates for any job openings the organization may have. In order for the health care organizations to provide high-quality health care, the human resource management role is to find retain the best qualified staff and medical professionals. Human resource departments work closely with candidates to make sure they are trained, certified, or licensed to perform their duties and make sure they fully understand their positions. It is the responsibility of human resource management to make sure that each employee is evaluated on his or her performance. The human resources department will also make sure the organization is compliant with any state and federal laws, which is very important for health care organizations to continue to deliver services to their patients. Human resource departments help the employees with their compensation and benefits. Human resource departments have many functional roles, such as recruitment, job descriptions, performance standards, and evaluations, leadership training, and compensation and benefits. Recruitment and Job Descriptions One function of a human resources department is to recruit staff. A crucial part of an organization’s efficiency and success is to hire the most qualified people and place them in the right positions according to their abilities and skills (Stringer, 2011). In this process, the human resource department interviews and administers tests to candidates. Each position that candidates apply for are based on job descriptions that document the tasks, duties, and responsibilities. Human recruiters use the job descriptions to screen and identify qualified applicants. When the applicant is hired, the job description is placed in the employee file and used and as tool for performance standards and performance evaluations. Performance Standards and Evaluations Another function of an HR department is establishing performance standards and conducting annual performance evaluations. Performance standards define the level of work required of the employee so that he or she can meet or exceed the expectations of the job (Stringer, 2011). Performance standards are way to compare the employee’s actual performance to the standards. Human resource department may provide the paperwork and a time frame for supervisors and managers to complete the evaluations with their staff, collect