HR management Roles Essay

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Human Resources Management Roles
Kenneth Winn
October 22 2013
Linda Armstrong
Human Resources Management Roles

The role of a Human resource department in a healthcare setting is becoming more and more challenging as they compete against each other for a shrinking pool of the best qualified candidates. Healthcare workers are highly trained and educated, they are not like non-skilled workers, who can work their way into a good paying job. Healthcare workers must be qualified or they are not hired. This author learned that the roles of the human resource department has changed and is not like any other human resource department.

Hauff (2007) "Successfully recruiting a transplant hepatologist or transplant cardiologist may feel similar to winning the lottery in today's transplant healthcare recruitment market". This is a clear indication that healthcare workers are in high demand and if you are qualified and have a good work ethic you can write your own ticket. With nursing and physician shortages so bad in the United States human resource departments are recruiting overseas. Successful human resource departments must build itself on these five functional roles. According to Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy (2010), Productivity, Ability, Motivation, Quality of work, Empowerment (pp. 20-21). With these five functional roles acting as a core value for an human resource department the healthcare organization will be recruiting and hiring highly