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Strategic Aspects of Recruiting
Decisions about talent
The broad factors that can affect a firm’s recruiting strategy include a firm’s recruiting abilities

Who Should Do the Recruiting?
HR recruiters/generalists (large firms)
Managers and/or Supervisors (smaller firms)
Work Teams
Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)
The practice of outsourcing an organization’s recruiting function to an outside firm

Should a Firm Recruit Internally or Externally?
Most managers try to follow a policy of filling job vacancies above the entry level through promotions and transfers
There are advantages and disadvantages to both

Global Labour Market
Why Recruit Globally?
To develop better products via a global workforce
To attract the best talent wherever it may be
International Recruiting Issues
Local, national, and international laws
Different labour costs
Different pre-employment and compensation practices
Cultural differences
Visas and work permits

Labour Markets
Area from which applicants are to be recruited
Tight market: high employment, few available workers
Loose market: low employment, many available workers
Factors determining the relevant labour market

An organization’s effort to help existing and prospective workers understand why it is a desirable place to work

Recruiting Internally
Internal job postings
Identifying talent through performance appraisal
Skills inventories and replacement charts

Recruiting Externally
Walk-ins, unsolicited applications, and resumes
The internet, social networking, and mobile recruiting
Job fairs
Employee referrals
Executive search firms
Educational intuitions
Professional associations
Labour unions
Public employment agencies
Private employment and temporary agencies
Employee leasing

Advantages of Recruiting
Filling vacancies a change of promotion or transfer
Firm capitalizes on their investment (training, developing, recruiting, etc.)
Performance and record a good predictor
Need new blood to prevent inbreeding
Get newer specialized talent
New source of creativity and innovation, latest knowledge
New applicants will bring revenue
Meeting diversity goals

Improving the Effectiveness of Recruiting
Recruiting metrics
Realistic job previews

Recruiting Metrics
Quality-of-Fill Statistics
Quality of Hire = (PR +HP +HR) / N
PR = Average job performance rating of new hires
HP = % of new hires reaching acceptable