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Many of the problems Dunder Mifflin faces in regards to diversity can almost be solely contributed by Michael Scott. This is obvious due to the fact that a corporate representative had to come into the office for “diversity day” specifically to have Michael Scott sign a paper acknowledging his inappropriateness.
Michael Scott’s behavior when addressing people of different races could lead to company apathy and disrespect. If Scott continues to nonchalantly make racist jokes and go out of his way to announce that employees are of a different descent, then it could lead to other people to 1. Not have any interest or desire to make the office a “diversity friendly” environment and/or 2. cause employees to treat those employees of a different race with disrespect. This would then lead to a separated/fragmented office setting where people feel personally attacked and labeled.
In addition to race, many issues could arise when putting emphasis on gender diversity. First and foremost, is there an underlying reason as to why Dunder Mifflin has predominantly more male employees than female? If the company does not pass the 4/5ths rule, there is probable suspicion that the company may not be hiring women on purpose. Also, if males and females do not see each other as equals in the workplace, this could cause a split in the company which would ultimately lead to company inefficiency.
Lastly, in a workplace that has people of many different educational backgrounds, you always have