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Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The strategic human resource management is concerned with the long-term business targets and outcomes. The approach conducts to macro-concerns such as structure, quality, culture, values, commitment and matching future resources. The role of the human resource management helps to achieve the future goals by maximizing profit and targeting customer demand. There are many positions across the HR spectrum, such as HR officer who has the following responsibilities: recruitment, training, induction, recording absence, etc. The Recruitment Coordinator takes other responsibilities by arranging advertisements for new vacancies, select and shortlist candidates and invite for job interviews.

Introduction to H&M

The first store of H&M opened as “Hennes” in Vasteras, Sweden in 1947 by the founder Erling Persson. This store sold only woman clothes till 1968, when Persson bought a hunting store called “Mauritz Widfross”, which was located in Stockholm. This led to the name “Hennes and Mauritz” (H&M) and began to sell woman’s as well as men’s clothes.
Since 1982, H&M has grown rapidly and now not only clothes, also cosmetics are sold in over 620 stores in 13 European countries. Today H&M is the world’s second largest fashion company and is constantly growing throughout the world. The growth of H&M group employs over 104,000 people and there are 2,800 stores spread over Europe, North America, Asia,…