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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Organizational Chart
Job Description
Job Specifications
Job Posting
Interview Questions
Candidate Assessment Criteria
Assessment Tests
Training Plan
Compensation Package
Performance Evaluation
Career Development Plan

Executive Summary I have been working with Texas Roadhouse since July 2008. I started this job as a hostess in my senior year of high school. Due to my performance and dedication to this job, in 2009, they offered me a position as a server. After about 6 months of serving, they offered me a position of become a serving trainer. I was responsible for teaching new servers how to do what I do. Due to our title as a training store, we would constantly get visits from our market partner (Rob Cherne) and our training coach (Matt Cornett) to evaluate the employees. I was then sat down and asked if I would become the new bartender and if I would like to take my training to another level and go to new store openings and train servers along with representing the store I originally came from, Joliet IL. Thus far, I have gone to Naperville, Tinley Park, Countryside, and Crystal Lake in the past year (from 2013-2014). I initially started this job just to pay the bills and to work as close to home as possible, however, with more knowledge of the company, I came to realize there is a lot more to working at a restaurant than I ever imagined. This portfolio has helped me to improve my knowledge of the company and recognize more job opportunities that may eventually lead to a lifelong career. Texas Roadhouse is located in Joliet, IL, however has more than 420 stores in the United States (not including 9 stores opening this year) and began to expand internationally in 2011 in Dubai. Founder Kent Taylor opened the first store in 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana while the headquarters is based in Louisville, Kentucky. They are known for their hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch sides, fresh baked bread, peanuts, and a lively atmosphere with line dancing every hour. The Texas Roadhouse story/motto is “Legendary Food, Legendary Service®.” The Texas Roadhouse culture has always put the employees first. Kent Taylor believes that if the employees are happy, this will pass on to the guests leaving them with an amazing experience to talk about. At the Joliet location, managers provide employee outings to recognize their employees and praise them for the good work they have done. All Texas roadhouse locations also offer the Andy’s Outreach Fund, which may be applied to your weekly check to be taken out and put into a fund to help other Roadies who may be in need of personal help. Kent Taylor says, “The biggest compliment I get when I talk to people coming out of our stores is not that they had great food or great service, but that they had fun. And it takes great employees to deliver an experience like that.” The rest of this document will include an organizational chart for the company, a job description for my position, job specifications, and job posting. There will also include interview questions, interview criteria, and assessment tests. Finally, I will provide a training plan, compensation package, performance evaluation, and career/development path. All of these elements will provide a better image to the position as a district manager and the steps required to take to achieve those goals.

Organizational Chart

Job Description
Position: District Manager
Purpose of District Manager:
“District managers are the people in charge of entire regions where multiple stores operate. Whatever branches of their company operate within their district is their responsibility. District managers are in charge of the operational practices of all stores making sure each runs smoothly, cleanly and meets any budget and sales goals and is complying with any marketing campaigns and promotions.”
District Manager responsibilities/duties:
Coordinate and