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Human Resource Trends
Heather Grimminger
HCS 341
April 6, 2015
Dr. James Kinneer
Human Resource Trends
Health care changes constantly and because of this healthcare human resources must change to meet the trends as well. Many of the upcoming changes involve helping organizations make the most out of today’s technological advances. Human resources are being relied on more and more to be “business partners and strategic thinkers who make decisions to move the company forward.” (Ramjee, 2015) Human resources support the company by hiring the right people to move the organization forward.
Human resource professionals must rely on technology to stay ahead of the game, so to speak, to recruit and hire top talent. HR professionals will use technology to move from advertising locally to being able to advertise globally for talented individuals. This will also allow organizations faster response times to advertising as people can submit the resumes and applications on line. Technology has made recruiting more efficient and, in the hands of the right recruiter, more effective as well. (Lewis, 2105) This process of moving companies forward by using new technology such as “the cloud”. This technology allows companies to “integrate cloud applications, mobile devices and social media.” (Ramjee, 2015) This use of technology such as the cloud allows HR managers to store large volumes of data without having all the paperwork in the office. However, HR managers can then print what they need on demand. This advancement in technology will only improve in the future and will allow companies to have much more efficient HR offices and require spaces with much less room for storing all the documents.
With this technology comes the opportunity for employees being hired to complete online training about the company before they even begin their