Hr590 Compensation Decisions Essay

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HR590: Compensation Decisions

Your job now is to pull together all the information you’ve completed so far in class and make salary decisions for your team. You have completed Cathy’s evaluation and received assignment feedback. This is the first year that you’ve made salary decisions for this team. Be sure to carefully review the information provided. You may simply type in the cells as the text will automatically wrap. You are required to: 1. Enter Cathy’s appraisal rating (she is last on the list); 2. Within your budget dollars, make your salary decisions based on performance for your team taking into consideration their Salary Grade and the Pay Ranges identified for the Salary Grades (fill in the Salary Decision
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She’s had a history of higher ratings, but her ratings have slipped over the last 6 years. | A3 | $19,700 | 89.5% | 3 | $500 | $200 | Substantiation and Risk Analysis: Beth seems to be on the outs. Her focus doesn’t seem to be her work and for this, she receives a raise of $500 and a bonus of only $200. Once again, this is for her tenure of 41 years of service. | Ben is a 47YO white male with 27 years’ service. He’s a good worker, been with your group for a couple years. Hasn’t yet expanded his skills, which you thought he’d do even though hired for a specific job. What he does, he does outstandingly. | A3 | 21,000 | 95.5% | 4 | $800 | $500 | Substantiation and Risk Analysis: Ben has potential and needs to focus more on the job. We will work with Ben to increase his motivation and maybe key in on his specialty and what he likes to do and hone on these talents so he performs better and we can also benefit from his talents. Maybe get him to work on a few special projects. | Alex is a 30YO white male with 9 years’ service. He’s quite a guy, performs well at his job. Started as an occupational worker and has worked his way into management. | A3 | $15,800 | 92.9% | 5 | $1700 | $800 | Substantiation and Risk Analysis: Alex is a promising and talented candidate for future management. He is consistently improving and seems eager to grow and learn. We are rewarding that eagerness and loyalty with his raise and bonus, We are hoping