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Teresa Ottelin
Corse Project
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7
November 11, 2011
Dr. Turner
HR 599 Benefits

Table of Contents I. Introduction pg 3 II. Statement of the issue pg 4 III. Literature Review pg 5 IV. Issue Analysis pg 6 V. Issue Solutions pg 7 VI. Solutions and its Implementation pg 8 VII. Justification pg 9 VIII. Reflection pg 9-10 IX. Work Cited pg 11

I. Introduction
JCS Technology is a small IT company that is owned by Steve Puzder. Steve employs ten employees of which six are full time, two are part time, and two are contractors. JCS Technology has been in business for 5 years. All the employees have been with JCS Technology for 5 years. The
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Jesse, Cody, and Richard being the youngest of the group stated that they would like more vacation time. Over half the guys said they would like a fitness program. All of the employees stated that they would like a car allowance as there is a lot of travel time involved in their jobs. IV. Issue Analysis
We are going to look into maybe offering AFLAC in the place of health care coverage right now. The employees are being paid a modest pay for the size of the company, but the men have expressed that they are not really sure about pay anything towards health care at this time. We have time before Obama care goes into effect so the men will begin to look more heavily at heath care next year maybe in place of the bonuses that they are getting right now. Since all the employees have been with the company for five years we will look at adding one more week of vacation also we may also give the men an opportunity to buy extra vacation days.
We are going to look at the gas mileage that each of the employees are getting with their car and look at getting a company gas card for the crew to use. If the gas mileage is low on average then we will figure out a fair amount to pay per mile that each employee drives on monthly bases.
Next we are going to look into a fitness program for the employees. Since all the employees are young and male we are going to hire a nutritionist and add a quit smoking program. We are going