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Human Resource Management & Development – HR701
August 2013 Intake
Lecturer – Armin Wartanian

Individual Assignment – Case Study
(Assessment 1)
(40 Marks) (20%)

Issue Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 Hand in Date: Thursday, 29 August 2013

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

●Learning Outcome 1: Identify employment obligations and responsibilities.

●Learning Outcome 2: Assess human resource requirements and evaluate human resource management options and plan how work will be allocated and evaluated.

●Learning Outcome 3: Identify staff development needs and establish staff development policies.

(40 Marks) (20% of Total Assessment)

1. The Individual Assignment – Case Study must be your own work. If COPYING is identified, ALL parties will receive ZERO mark. ANY student caught COPYING (plagiarism) from other sources will receive ZERO mark.
2. This Individual Assignment – Case Study must be submitted online by Thursday, 29 August. This Individual Assignment will not be accepted for marking after Thursday, 29 August.
3. Save your file as: IDNumber_HR701_Case Study
For example, if your ID Number is 101010101, your file name would be:
101010101_HR701_Case Study

Instructions Regarding this Assessment:
●The Individual Assignment – Case Study (Assessment 1) covers LOs 1, 2, & 3 of the learning outcomes for the Paper HR701 – Human Resource Management & Development – for the Diploma in Business (Advanced) Level 7.

●This individual assignment – Case Study is not a business report; you are expected to present your assignment in a question and answer format. Write the Question number followed by your answer.

●You are required to read the attached Case Study on Human Resources Management in New Zealand and then give full answers to the five questions that follow at the end of the Case Study.

●Reference ALL ideas, quotes and information which you obtain from books, articles, and the…