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Welcome to Summer Session of HRIR3021!
We are going to have a great course together. Minnesota summers are fleeting; if we must be in class during these few warm months then let’s make it fun and interesting!
No matter what your major, you will learn a tremendous amount of useful information this semester. What’s neat about human resources is that the field touches everyone and has a tremendous impact on businesses and employees. You can’t pick up a newspaper without reading about a human resource- related topic. During this course we will review several interesting human resource topics including: recruiting, employment and labor law, training, diversity and more. I strive for an interactive classroom where every student has an opportunity to participate. Please note that I have high expectations of myself, and in turn, will have high expectations of you as well.
This term we have a lot of great events planned, including: * Notable speakers, including the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights * Online discussion forums * Group case studies * Interactive class activities
Here are few things you should know before our first class:
The Moodle site will be available Tuesday, June 11th. It is important that you review and print the syllabus. Please bring with you to the first class.
Important: purchase your textbook prior to the first class
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management / Edition 5 by Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright
New $183.85
Rental $91.95
E-Book is $105.75
The textbook is currently available on the shelf at the bookstore. This is a brand-new book and so it is more expensive. Because of that, I made sure that there is a rental option and an E-book option for you. It is important to get your book now, because there is a reading assignment due the first day of class. We don’t have a lot of time together this summer, so it is important that we hit the ground running.
Reading Assignment Due Monday the 17th
Read chapters 1 and 2 of your text. You must complete the reading and then complete quiz #1 prior to class on Monday.

Weekly Quizzes
Each week there is a quiz due PRIOR to the start of class each Monday. Quizzes must be completed by 5:30 p.m. each Monday. Note there IS a quiz due the first day of class on chapters 1 and 2 of your text (Quiz #1 is available on Moodle listed under Week One). Quizzes are open book and are to be taken outside of class. There is no availability to make-up quizzes, since they are taken at home (or anywhere) and you have a week to complete them.
HR Current Events: Homework Assignment- Due 6/26
You will be selecting three articles related to human resources and writing summaries. Note that this isn’t due until 6/26 and we will discuss the details the first day of class. I am simply telling you now so that you can keep an eye open for HR news. Try to start to pay attention the numerous human resource issues in the news every day. When you hear about an executive getting fired, people asking for better wages, worker safety issues (pretty much anything dealing with people in the workplace), etc. these are all human resource issues.
About your TA
Greg Beaver is your TA this semester. Greg has a fantastic background and will bring his prior experiences and research knowledge to the classroom. He is a doctoral student in the department of Work and Organizations. Greg received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and an M.B.A. from Vancouver Island University. His doctoral studies are focused on organizational behavior in the areas of human resource management and diversity. Prior to his doctoral studies, Greg worked in a variety of roles in financial services, including training and development, client relationship management and customer service. About your Professor