Hrm 300 Week 3 Team Eeoa Rights Review Essay

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Business environments today display diversity, a numerical composition that reflects different kinds of people, such as men and women of different ethnic origins, educational experiences, and professional backgrounds (Beamish, Morrison, Inkpen, & Rosenzweig, 2003). A vast amount of organizations are emulating a diverse workforce. Fair treatment of employees is the responsibility of the human resource management team within a firm. Footsteps of past generations are the facilitating mechanism allowing today‚Äôs generation to participate in a safe and fair workplace. Specific rules and regulations assist in equal employment opportunities for every employee. The Equal Employment …show more content…
The court ruled that the issue is not an ADA issue, as the plaintiffs could not establish a protected disability. The court further ruled that the workplace drug testing policy at DAS would have to face further scrutiny from a jury to have the protection of the Drug-Free Workplace Act. The court denied summary judgment to either party. This case implies that the courts will look at the totality of circumstances and when they believe it is not decisive on either side that continue court action may be the only remedy. The implications for HR departments in managing an employer-employee relationship in the context of the law or issue have to be understood by the employee as well as the employer. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a federal agency that regulates, research, and challenge employment practices to ensure employers are complying with the federal anti-discrimination labor laws. The Equal Employment Opportunity laws ensure employers cannot enforce policies that discriminate against employees based on race, gender, genetic predisposition, age, and disabilities. HR departments must ensure employee-employer relationship maintains productivity and equality for employees and employers. If the employee-employer relationship is not enforced or implied the consequences could be a negative situation for both the employee and the employer, especially for those who are uninformed. FMLA is an act that has protected several