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Analyzing a job: Sales representative
Many individuals today may find it hard to find his or her dream job. After many online applications, job recruiters, and interviews, one may think he or she is to blame. In some cases, the job seeker is to blame if he or she does not have the qualifying knowledge or experience, but in several instances, it is the party whom posts the job position. For one to understand the significance of seeking for a suitable job, he or she must analyze a job posting, and determine the decisions made by business owners when creating a job posting.
Advocate Job Posting Searching the Advocate newspaper for a sales representative position in Louisiana, Andrea found the following posting a result:
“*********SALES********* Distributor servicing grocery stores seeks an experienced SALES REP to work in Lafayette & the surrounding area. Some travel and an in-home office required. Meat market experience helpful but not required. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits include health insurance, 401k, and paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave. Please send resume to P.O. Box 1265, Albany, LA 70711 - SALES-MARKETING” (The Advocate, 2013, Sales Rep).
Need to Create a Job Position As an owner of a local insurance company, Andrea notices her employees are experiencing consistent work overload. When employees are overworked, it is hard for he or she to manage his or her time. Creating another sales representative job position would be ideal to increase the company’s productivity and eliminate or minimize stress (MindTools, 2013). In addition, Andrea realizes she is spending too much time doing tasks that does not require her expertise. If Andrea creates another position, she will be available to handle other priority issues that no one else can do.
As Andrea strategize on how and when she will create a job posting for a sales representative, she decides to focus on two main factors: building excellence within the management teams and fighting for market share (Cascio, 2010). Andrea wants to develop and build customer relationships within the local communities to promote her businesses’ insurance products.
Andrea needs a sales representative to sell various insurance products within an assigned territory using informative selling techniques. He or she must be able to develop and maintain business relationships with policyholders. In addition, the sales representative is required to service and maintain policy renewals and advise potential customers and policyholders on matters of coverage and protection.
Performance Requirements The sales representative required to meet goals for volume of quality new business written and quoted with the company’s guidelines. He or she is required participate in several incentive contests and programs created to support achievement of production goals. Additionally, the sales representative must obtain and maintain current state insurance licenses in life, casualty, and property (Liberty Mutual Insurance, 2013).
Preexisting Knowledge and Skills Before Andrea consider hiring a particular individual for the sales position, he or she must have a bachelor’s degree, experience in sales, effective communication skills, and analytical skills to understand complex policy and coverage details. In addition, he or she must possess effective time management, organizational skills, and interpersonal skills to help build rapport with customers is a plus.
Revised Job Posting: Sales Representative – New Orleans Area
As an insurance personal market sales representative you will build and develop customer relationships with local communities to promote insurance products including auto, home, and life insurance. We will support you by providing training, guidance from experienced sales professionals, and sponsoring licensing exams. As your customer base grows, your earning potential does as well through a combination of guaranteed base