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Methods used for measuring the employee's skills
As every company has an evaluation system for the employees. At Bradley Stone field Limousine Company, we are going to require that each employee remains briefed regarding the evaluation procedure. People are required to complete an appraisal form for management to analyze. Managers will communicate the performance of individuals in a closed-door conference. The employees will receive notifications of jobs, outcomes, and tangible self-goals (McNamara, 2013). In addition, constructive remarks will be given about performance. However, the remarks will not present as harmful, critical or used as a base for disciplinary action, but reveal constructive and positive. Some of the positive remarks should result in base pay raises, such a 5%, a compensation plan rise compatible to the company's growth, employees excelling and moving up, and more training possibilities. Employee performance rating may prove necessary to help the organization stay on track with goals set forth and not used to force a means of competitiveness to receive the company’s desired results. The employee goals should remain attainable and support the organization's mission along with the appropriate ability, skills and knowledge to do the job (McNamara, 2013).
Process for addressing skill gaps
The organization should have specific goals that do not leave any questions open. Some of the goals are; Achievable employees should have resources and competencies to accomplish established goals (McNamara, 2013). For example, limo drivers should have daily access to cars and should have customer service skills, and remain able to reduce…