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JUNE 16, 2014

PROF. Imran Fancy MANISH SINGH 30079657

Organisation: - Wal-Mart Canada Corporation
Wal-Mart Canada Corporation is the Canadian branch of the Wal-Mart who’s headquartered is at Mississauga (Ontario). It was founded on March 17, 1994 the purchase of the Woolco Canada chain from F. W. Woolworth Company and the Shelley Broader is CEO and president of Wal-Mart. Web address of Wal-Mart in Canada is .
It originally consisting of discount stores, Wal-Mart Canada had centering at stretching Supercentres from new or changed over areas, offering basic supplies which made it accessible in the same market as grocery store chain, for example, Metro, Sobeys, Safeway, Save-On-Foods, Country Grocer, Mike Deans Super Food Store, Quality Foods Co-Op, Fairway Market and others. Furthermore a large portion of the Canadian Wal-Mart stores having drug store and McDonald’s in them

Vision, Mission and Goal:-
As Sam Walton said, "If we work together, we'll lower the cost of living for everyone…. we'll give the world an opportunity to see what it's like to save and have a better life.
To help people save money so they can live better.
Becoming in an international brand.
Save Money. Live better

Wal-Mart founded in 1962 by the “Sam Walton” in Rogers. Ark. It is an American multinational retail partnership that runs chains of huge rebate retail establishments and warehouse stores all through the world. In 1969, the organization authoritatively joined as Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporation. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the organization rose from a provincial company to national goliath. Wal-Mart became the top retailer in the nation. Today the company has grown to be the worlds largest and the most emulated retailer.
Wal-Mart Canada Corporation is the Canadian branch of Wal-Mart who’s headquartered is in Mississauga, Ontario. It was founded in March 17, 1994 with the purchase of the “Woolco Canada” chain from F. W. Woolworth Company. Shelley Broader is the chief executive officer and president and of Wal-Mart Canada Corporation. It consisting of discount stores. Wal-Mart Canada has concentrated on growing Supercentres from new or changed over areas, offering perishables which keeps them under one roof.

Services and products:-
Wal-Mart offer’s a lots of top-quality services and products, all under one roof, including:
Portrait Studio & Fun Factory- Provides instant Passport Photo at Wal-Mart. Portrait Studio in Canada's is number one passport photography provider are Open for 7 days a week.
SmartStyle hair Salon- ( Smartstyle Family Hair Salon intended for advantageously serve the quality cognizant Wal-Mart customer. Smartstyle beauticians welcome all Wal-Mart clients including walk-ins.

Medical Clinic- Jack Nathan Health is focused on enhancing access to open wellbeing for Canadians by giving state-of-the-symbolization medical facilities inside Wal-Mart stores crosswise over Canada.
Electronics- Mytech Electronics gives complete extend, administration and repair for laptops, desktops, ipods, iphones, Blackberry, all other mobile phones, camcorders, computerized Polaroids, Mp3, video games, Tv and printer and so on.
Automated Teller Machines- In many areas, of Wal-Mart give the comfort of Automated Teller Machines. These Atms which is arranged inside the Wal-Mart, making it straightforward and simple for clients to finish their transactions.
Mcdonald's- ( Mcdonald's in Wal-Mart offers an assortment of menu choices that will fulfill any craving. Mcdonald's in Wal-Mart offers the comfort of one quit shopping. Tim Horton-( dependably gives new premium