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Working for a small company had it's perks. I came and go as I pleased, not worrying about docking my PTO time as long as I got all my work done and put in 8 hours. I dressed however I wanted (usually jeans, a tee and no makeup) since a dress code was not enforced. I used the computer (doing right now with this paper) and phone for personal use, all the time. Now, this normally would sound great but rules are usually implemented for our safety. Something I did not think about until I was with this company for 6 months. A workplace with no rules equals a workplace with no control.

I work with 40 men, give or take and so many of them come and go as they pleased so I was never able to keep track how many hours one actually worked. When one had left our employment, I did not have an exact amount of vacation time to pay him with his last paycheck. I overheard an ex coworker tell another about his new housekeeper who does not wear a bra and how fantastic it is to sit there and watch her clean. I had another coworker tell me about the new house they just moved in to with a jacuzzi and stripper pole and then I got invited to come over and party. Most people would say this is sexual harassment. I say, this is just the men I work with. About a year after my employment, three ladies were hired. Scared of the harassment, my employer has asked me to look into policies, rules and regulations. I decided its time to make a change, someone needs to regulate and take