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0 Types of interviews
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Types of Interviews
0 Structured Interview
0 Unstructured Interview

0 Semi-Structured

0 Situational Interview

Structured / Unstructured
Candidate is asked the same set of questions and their answers are compared to a scoring guide and rated.
Can reach a large sample
Questions are structured and asked in the same way to all candidates
Questions are fully understood
Candidates are forced to use the same alternative answers given to them Questions here are based on the individual’s application documents such as their resumes so different question will be asked to each applicant.
Questions and answers can to spontaneous; also the candidate cannot have preconceived answers
Both parties can get stuck as what to say next

Semi-Structured / Situational Interview
Blend of structured and unstructured Advantage
Natural flow
Able to probe to understand perspective and experience
You have to be a trained interviewer to probe without being directive or judgmental
Interviewer must avoid bias when evaluating Highly structured in that hypothetical situations are described and applicants are asked to explain what they would do in these situations.
Useful with less experienced candidates, they will be able to demonstrate their competencies through simulating situations
time consuming
May experience period of silence while the candidate formulates their answers Preparing questions
Weaker Candidates


Stronger Candidates

Generalize their experiences More specific on their experiences, giving examples Learning Experiences Usually give routine,

expected answers or exaggerated ones


Have a simpler view


Focus on what happened, having difficulty expressing what they learned

More open about weaknesses and mistakes. And give direct answers
More significant depth of analysis
Considers why it happened and explains what they learned and what they would do differently next time

Preparing questions
Weaker Candidates

Stronger Candidates

Focus of interests

Focus on chance of promotions and benefits More interested in content of the job and their future in it.


Overstate strengths, inconsistent when correcting weakness, don’t accurately judge their limits
Can analyze failure, reluctant to acknowledge their role