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Q1. Responding to the demographic and diversity challenges of the workforce. find qualified talent, and broaden their customer bases, businesses know it is absolutist vital to increase their efforts to recruit and train a more diverse workforce. And with a more diverse workforce come more diverse expections on the part of employee for their employers to meet.
7 challenges:Responding Strategically to Changes in the Marketplace/Competing, Recruiting, and Staffing Globally/Setting and Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Goals/Advancing HRM with Technology/Containing Costs While Retaining Top Talent and Maximizing Productivity/Responding to the Demographic and Diversity Challenges of the Workforce/Adapting to Educational and Cultural Shifts Affecting the Workforce.
Successful organizations combine the experience of line managers with the expertise of HR managers to develop and utilize the talents of employees to their greatest potential. Line managers are non-HR managers who are responsible for overseeing the work of other employees.There are different types of human resources managers who specialize in different HR functions.

Q2.Employees surplus planning steps.
6 steps:Mission, Vision, and Values/Environmental Analysis/Internal Analysis/Formulating Strategy/Strategy Implementation/Evaluation and Assessment
(1) Implement a hiring freeze. Some workers will leave for the position or retiring. Managers can let other workers fill the position, don’t need to layoffs.
(2) Begin a mandatory furlough system. By requiring all employees to schedule an unpaid week into their upcoming long-range schedule, you reduce the burden of labor costs while providing employees with a tangible benefit – time off
(3) Offer early retirement or buyout plans for workers with seniority.
(4) Reduce workers’ hours or pay across the board. this strategies typically negatively impact worker morale, but it reduce cost containment.
(5) Layoff excess employees. Layoff strategies may be determined by seniority status, individual or collective employment contracts or on a case-by-case basis.
Q4. Ground rules' for good interview
1. Prepare carefully , familiarizing yourself with as much background as possible.
2.establish a relationship with the source conducive to obtaining information.
3. Ask questions that we relevant to the source that induce the douce to talk.
4.listen and watch attentively.
Q5. The purpose of branding and how to help the company abstract吸引 or recruiting招募 the employee (for me)?
The purpose is that an organization wants to use its efforts to help existing and prospective workers understand why it is a desirable place to work. Here are lots of ways to...........such as
Advertisements/Walk-Ins, Unsolicited Applications, and Résumés/The Internet, Social Networking, and Mobile Recruiting/Job Fairs/Employee Referrals/Rerecruiting/Executive Search Firms. I would suggest the company to (1) Add video to your job advertisements and posts.(2) Make more use of job search engines.(3) Increase your reliance on employee referrals.(4) Enhance and upgrade company career sites (5) Audit your employer brand: refresh and redefine.

Q6.Compare and contrast 3 type of appraisal interview,and which one is the least desirable?
(1)The aim of the tell-and-sell interview is to communicate to employees their evaluation as accurately as possible. The fairness of the evaluation is assumed and