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The COC&CAC Company have hired a human resource consultant whose name is Hans Tremble. His work is to censor the whole company’s policies and practices. Tremble thinks that human resource obstructs operations and contributes nothing to the bottom line. He believes that human resource department just keeps the staff records and manages payroll, so Tremble recommends reducing the number of person in the human resource department. Willie Orwontie who is the group human resource manager for COC and CAC, has handed Tremble’s report. If I were him, I would not agree with Tremble’s proposal. My concept is that human resource plays an important role to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Not as Tremble said that human resource was nothing more than a clerical and welfare unit. This essay will discuss how the policies and practices of human resource management can help organizations achieve the business goals and objectives.

The first one of the policies and practices of human resource management which can help organizations achieve their business goals and objectives is the human resource planning. Human resource planning is the right number of the right people in the right place at the right time. “The bridge between human resource strategies and human resource functions is the formulation of human resource plans that incorporate the desired outcomes of human resource strategies, are responsive to continual changes in dynamic national and global industry environments, and can be implemented through efficient and effective human resource functions (e.g. job design, recruitment and selection, human resource development, performance management, rewards and industrial relations systems).” (Nankervis, Compton & Baird, 2011 p.120). I think human resource planning is an important part of human resource management, because it helps the organization to achieve their objectives through the effective utilization of human resource management of the organization. Human resource planning includes collective the information, set the objective, and develop the plan to achieve the objective and so on. They can help the managers and supervisors to make the correct decisions in order to achieve the business goals. ‘Human resource planning is better described as employment or people planning. This places HR planning at the operational level where it is concerned with detailed forecasts of employee supply and employee demand.’(Raymond J.Stone, 2009 p.57)Meanwhile, implement the plan is very important because it can show you how effective and efficient the human resource program you have designed and it can also tell you the drawbacks of this plan. Finding the drawbacks can let you to make an improvement plan so that the employee and organizational objectives and goals can be more closely matched. Nankervis(2011) claimed that the human resource planning have many benefits to the organizations, such as control labour cost, formulate and implement strategic plans, correctly allocate the available talent, utilize human resources more efficiently and effectively, improve the productivity and profitability and so on.

The second one of the policies and practices of human resource management is so important to the organizations is the strategic reword management. ‘A reward may be anything tangible (e.g. financial rewards such as cash or company shares) or intangible (e.g. psychological rewards such as higher self-esteem or work satisfaction) which an organization provides to an employee in exchange for the employee’s potential of actual work contribution, and to which employee as individuals attach a positive value as a satisfier of certain self-defined needs.’ (Nankervis, Compton & Baird, 2011 p.395). I think the reward systems can help the employers to achieve the business objectives because set the reward systems can encourage the employees to join in the organization and perform effectively. For example, Milcovich, Newman and